• 20 octobre 2022

    Our selection of the best restaurants to discover

    The restoration have a very important place in our region, that’s why you shouldn’t eat and drink anything, anywhere. The restaurants we will present you cuisine with fresh and local products with a diverse and varied culture.

    Be careful, prepare your taste buds!

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  • 13 octobre 2022

    The most beautiful villages of the French Riviera

    The French Riviera is known for its sun, warm sand, luxurious hotels and diverse and varied gastronomies. There are also stunning views, such as villages, mountains and turquoise waters.

    These breathtaking villages are heritage not to be missed, and discover the French Riviera from the sea to the mountains.

    So for that, we have put together the most beautiful villages.

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  • 6 février 2020

    Artistic events

    Want to discover the most beautiful events of the French Riviera without missing anything. We offer you the best. Through art, music or exhibitions. So as not to mislead you in your choices of this month, we list everything there is to see.

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